The Club is the parent company of the The Club Group of companies and is the exclusive distributor for some leading brands of the world for Golf Cars & Cardio & Strength equipments.

We design, supply and maintain the facilities with over a wide range of equipments of your choice, delivering everything you require from equipments, parts and services under individual & corporate contracts. Most of the resort hotels in Maldives now enjoy our products in their world-class facilities and we continue to support them by means of product trained technical staff and customer oriented sales teams.

The large warehouse we own and operate ensures that the required parts and machines remain close at hand to ensure the un-interrupted operation of our machines at the star properties across the Maldives.

The Club group of logistic and courier companies ensure that our products reach you on time and with the most affordable freight and logistic cost.

With our continuing commitment to new innovations and products, The Club is constantly focused on delivering cost savings, service and value to our customers. And with over 15 years of experience serving the industry, we have depth, experience and vision to help you to run your business efficiently and profitable.

  • Guest Experience
  • Staff Productivity
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Low Noice and No Emissions
  • Custom Solutions


Our Customers

As one of the leading suppliers in the country for golf cars, fitness equipments, recreational equipments we continue to serve 67 hotels across the Maldives, 75 individual companies, 16 government agencies and 730 homes as at 2013.

Large or small we make a commitment to ensure products and service at an affordable rate for the best brands in the market.

Company News


Why work with TheClub?

  • Plain and simple, we are the countries exclusive distributor for worlds most reputed brands of golf cars and fitness equipments.
  • As the appointed distributor you get the best pricing available for these world famous brands, parts and services.
  • We offer you the original products with the largest choice of international brands.
  • We offer complete business and operational support for everyone from hotel resorts, agencies, clubs to individual homes.
  • You benefit from our unwavering commitment to service and individual customer satisfaction.

Why work for The Club?

  • If you are hard working, result focused and you want a job that will challenge you, TheClub may have just what you are looking for.
  • We work hard and have fun in the process – striving for “braggingly happy” customers and quality in everything we do.
  • The Club work force is driven by an employee incentive plan that rewards workers for going above and beyond.
  • If you are motivated and constantly want more responsibility, the possibilities within The Club Group of companies are limitless.
  • In addition to the highly competitive salaries, we offer an attractive benefits package – medical, insurance, phone allowances, Ramadan allowance, year end allowance and a good performance allowance.